Shannon & Pam, after months of training, officially became ultrarunners with finishing Way Too Cool 2010 (3/13/10). They continue to run the long distances as they continue to challenge themselves physically & mentally. This is where they post those triumphs and also their tribulations.

December 29, 2009

Already week 8 of WTC training!

Today was a Twin Rocks run with the Tuesday girls and a new guy named Randy. We had a fab time. I submitted to subtle peer pressure and did 2 hill repeats on the nasty hill from the gate. Here's the top of the hill:

 Ran back following Kem (that doesn't happen very often), she kept her pace nice and leisurely, but it was a nice tempo run for me. Did a total of 4.4 miles. And , of course Starbucks afterwards.  I am feeling alittle sore in the left hip flexor (not sure which one though) which I've had before. It happens when I run hill repeats. Later I will do 45 min yoga/strength/core and foam rollering, then to bed :)

December 27, 2009

12-27-09 Day 49 Shannon

Wow - long time no blog! Talk about crazy week! Christmas is over - phew!

Since my last post, you know Pam and I got into Way Too Cool - OMG - I'm still in freak out mode, however, my nerves have calmed a bit after taking a closer look at the cutoff times. Pam and I feel 92.93% confident that we'll be able to meet the cutoffs. We're going to plan some training runs on a few of the tougher parts of the course - one being Ball Bearing (the steepest climb (.7 miles) of the course) - gosh even the name is scary! It has also been suggested that we take a training run down the waterfall (Dead Truck Trail) - hello the word DEAD in any trail has got to mean something really bad!

So I've been keeping up with my training. I've been trying to keep it easy and it's really helping with my adrenal fatigue issues. Last week (X-Mas) was stressful, but now it's over and I can really start to focus on the training. Was only able to get one yoga practice in last week, but I'll get my 2 in this week.

The funnest run this last week was on Wednesday night with the FTRs. We met at Karen's Bakery in Folsom and headed out to Dovewood Court in Orangevale to see the infamous X-Mas light showing. I, being fairly new to the area, had never heard of the infamous Dovewood Court X-Mas lights, nor had I ever been, so this was a lot of fun. Of course, I had a wonderful FTR, Steve, hanging back with me so that I wasn't left behind.

Here are a couple of pics from that night. We were suppose to come dressed in the spirit, so I wore antlers and Renee wore her Santa hat and fun candy cane striped socks. Angie also came festively dressed. Here I am with Renee showing off our cute attire and then one of me in front of someones lit up house. Tons of people and cars! Glad we were running in!

Lots of fun, we ran a total of 6.5 miles that night, mostly on pavement, and I'm happy to say that my knees held up quite nicely. I'm definitely getting stronger. I thought for sure my hips might not be happy with me Thursday morning, from all the pounding, but I felt good - no pain.

Saturday had a great 10 mile run with Pam, we took it nice and slow and really enjoyed the scenery and the run. We then went to Starbucks afterward with Diane, Kem, and Trish. Great time!! Then I came home and spent the rest of the day making tamales - yummy.

Today I got in a short 2.75 mile run in my neighborhood. Hit the trail behind my neighborhood. It runs along New York Creek and the creek was flowing strong after last night's rain. It was awesome. The trail was nice and muddy - just the way I like it!!

This coming week I'm hoping will be stress-free.

Stay dirty.

Christmas week wrap up

The week went by so quickly. I can't believe Christmas is already over! It is always tough to not spend the holidays with my family (who are 2000 miles away), but I was very grateful to have good friends to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with. Didn't run Wednesday (or do anything) due to feeling sick with a flu and body aches. Dousing myself with grapeseed oil seemed to kill that illness off. Christmas eve I had to work in the morning. Bella harrassed me to get out of bed that day, appearing like she wanted to go for a walk, but when I came out of the bathroom, this is what I found:

What a life she has! I only had to work a 1/2 day, so I did a run at Twin Rocks, which was gorgeous but cold..brrr. Friday did my yoga tape for 45 minutes. Saturday was a fantastic 10 miler with Shannon and the FTR group.

Felt really good Saturday. Today was a 5 miler and my legs were very tired, I was tired too. But it is good to get these back to back runs going to build the base for longer runs. I definitely see a difference in adding strength training this time around. When I did CIM, I didn't do much at all and I suffered. I feel much stronger.  I am REALLY looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

December 22, 2009

Trail Tuesday

Had a GREAT run with FTRs today! Kem, Trish, Susan, Lindsay, John and I ran from Twin Rocks towards Auburn for 5 miles total. I LOVE this part of the trail! I had never been this way; every time I attempted it, I would get lost and turn around in frustration. We got to the actual "twin rocks' and were greeted with an incredible view of the lake with the sun rising over it.  The 'fast girls' were running slow today so I was able to keep up with them. Love running with these guys! It was good to see John out on the trails again. He hadn't run since finishing CIM, with a calf injury no less. Trish, Susan B and I went to Starbucks for coffee and chatted for over an hour. It was a great morning.

I'm now sitting here feeling like I'm fighting off something...I have mild body aches and alittle cough..ugh.  I really don't have time to be sick :<

December 21, 2009

A Little Something Extra

With Way Too Cool entry fees paid by both Pam and I, it is official, we are in! I found this on the WTC website and thought I'd share it here.

Tips on how to train for your first and best 50K
-Julie Fingar, Ultra Endurance Coach, athlete and race director

Train by time on your feet instead of total miles. Focus on quality workouts versus quantity. Your goal is to arrive at the start line on March 13th, healthy and injury free. This is 50% of the battle in getting to the start line of any endurance race.

Train on the race course if possible and or simulate race terrain.

Cross training activities such as cycling, swimming, elliptical, yoga, strength and core work should be incorporated in to the training. The key is to keep your program balanced.

Practice hydration and fueling on every run even your short, recovery runs during the week. Fill your body with good fuel and eat balanced healthy meals.

Train with others, explore the camaraderie, support and motivation with other trail runners.

Schedule bi-weekly or monthly massages. Body care and stretching are essential when preparing for an endurance event.

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Shannon and I both got into WTC! Time to celebrate....and run more!!

December 19, 2009


Ran 6 miles on the trail out of Sterling Pointe Staging area with Shannon. It is such a fantastic trail! Thank you, Shannon for coming out this way :) Afterward got my Starbucks and tried the new Caramel Cream Brulee Latte. It was sooooo good! I just checked out the calories for this, 270....ugh...but a nice change from my usual non fat latte. Headed home and did a yoga sculpt video (karen voight) for 45 minutes. I've had this vid for years, and never do it. It's a great workout, I'm glad I rediscovered it. Tomorrow will run 4 miles on the parkway and then off to the Ironman party in the afternoon with the ironman girls :)

December 18, 2009

12-18-09 Day 40 Shannon

Last night I did another night run with the Folsom Trail Runners. What a blast. Pam got to join us this time - woo hoo. I now know for sure that night running is my new passion. Yup, I'd like to be able to get in all my weekly runs in the dark, but I know that's not possible, so I'll take once a week :).

Got in 2 yoga classes this week - yeah. Next week though it looks like I may only get in one. I'll try to do my own practice at home on Thursday.

Today is a rest day - a much needed rest day. I've had a really stressful week (my daughter's car was stolen, work, too much traffic, blah, blah, blah) and I'm really feeling the effects of the stress (mental & physical) this week. This weekend won't allow for me to mellow out either :(. But I'll take and do my best to cruise through the weekend, hope for a less stressful week next week, and then I can take a much needed break from work and "scheduled" life appointments next weekend. :)

This weekend Pam and I are going to try out a new (ok new to me) trail on Saturday to do our scheduled 6 miler. Sunday I have to be up in Auburn by 1p, so I'll have to stay close to home for my scheduled 4 miler (can't join the group at Cavitt) - neighborhood run :(. However, I'll squeeze in part of those 4 miles on the trails behind my neighborhood, so it won't all be bad.

Have a great weekend.

Stay dirty!

December 17, 2009

Night run

Ran with the FTRs on my first night run. What a blast! It was alot of fun. Felt effortless running in the dark.  Got 3 miles in. Tomorrow I'm working 1/2 day and plan to get some shopping done, I don't have much time left!

December 16, 2009


Another hellish, busy day at work. Very tired tonight; I think it is delayed fatigue from Sunday's race/run. I did a very easy workout; walked Bella for 10 min, then elliptical for 10 min, some strength training and core. My food intake today was pretty crappy; there is chocolate, cookies, etc all over the office. We were swamped and I got 10 min to grab fast food and eat (I won't tell you what I ate, but it was discustingly fattening). Today was definitely a prime example of stress eating.  Tomorrow I'll hit TJs to stock up on healthy food. I am planning to run tomorrow night with the group for my first night run. Cross your fingers I get out of work in time!

December 15, 2009

Weekend recap

The weekend was a whirlwhind, went by way too quickly. Got outside for a 2 miler on Saturday, then Sunday ran the 11.5 mile race from Beals Point. It was alittle cold, rainy, muddy, but really a fantastic run. We took our time, enjoyed ourselves, splashed thru puddles and tried not to fall into them. Sadly, there was no Rubios for us since we were last, but we had the party food to look forward to.  Sunday evening headed over to Linda's house in Cool for the FTR party. Had a great time with everyone and ate too many of Rene's snowball cookies :( It was such a great weekend!  Oh, Shannon gave me a great gift, white arm warmers! I love them and can't wait to use them :)

Today our group (4) ran from the Sterling Pointe Staging area. I have found my new favorite trail. Janet, a new member, who is a major ultrarunner, met up with us to show us the way. She was an absolute delight to run with. I picked her brain about WTC, Western States, Auburn trails, etc.  Susan G and Jessica ran ahead the first 2 miles, then Jessica headed back and the 3 of us ran another 1/5 mile. This trail is gorgeous!

12-15-09 Day 37 Shannon

Sunday was a FLWTS race at Beale's Point. It was a wet day! I got there early to help with set-up and registration and luckily we had the snack area to block the wind and rain. We were definitely at the right venue for a wet race :).

Pam and I did the 11.5 mile run. It was muddy which made for a more tiring race. You definitely use different muscle when running in the rain and mud. I remember saying to Pam how much I enjoy the 7-8 mile distance, I wonder when I'll enjoy the 11 mile distance??!!

I felt really good throughout the run. Diane had us going on some different trails which is always fun. As usual, Pam and I were poking along in last place, but we were enjoying ourselves. We stopped and chatted with the aid station volunteers, hit the potty a couple of times, and just kept trekking along. We finished in a little over 2.5 hours. We'll take it! Oh we get double points in the series for running in the rain - woo hoo.

After the race I went home took a hot Epsom salt bath and then crawled into bed for a short nap as I had to get ready for our 1st Anniversary & Holiday party for the Folsom Trail Runners being held at Linda's house in Cool.

The party was so much fun! Great food, great people, great raffle prizes, great gifts! I had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next one. No one has posted the pics yet, so I can't share any pics on the blog. Perhaps later I'll be able to post some pics of the party.

Today I am still really tired. Got to the gym and hopped on the hamster wheel (my new name for the treadmill) and my legs felt like lead. The first mile was tough, but I took it slow and easy. Picked it up for the 2nd mile. Finished up with a few minutes to spare so I did a small cool down before heading into yoga. Still feeling tired and still having lead legs I struggled in yoga, but it felt good to get in some good stretching.

Fatigue is definitely going to be a huge factor for me. I sure hope I start to feel the goodness that is to come by going wheat-free soon! Now I will admit, I haven't been 100% wheat-free yet, but I'm definitely 95% wheat-free and the 5% is a smidge maybe once a week. I will eventually be 100% wheat-free once I figure this whole thing out.

Here's to being muddy!!!

December 12, 2009


Got out for a run with Bella. Ran 2 miles on the crushed granite trail, then walked for another 1 1/2 miles. Didn't rain on me and it wasn't that cold. I did that workout "never get hurt" in the March 2009 Runners World - focuses on core and hip flexor stabilization. There is a move that looks very easy, but I could barely squeak out 2 on each side! It is a side plank, you put your feet on an 8-10 inch step and lift up your hips. It was hard as hell! So, my goal is to do this workout twice a week on days I don't strength train.  Ended with some sun salutations and now I'm starving so need to find some food :)

Update on sis: she is doing okay, she has a surgeon appt next Wednesday. I've been doing alot of research on treatment options. It is likely they will recommend radiation and she does NOT want this. But we'll see. I think she will do just about anything to lower her chances of getting this again. EVERYONE SHOULD GET A MAMMO AND DO THEIR BREAST EXAMS, NO EXCUSES!

December 11, 2009

Finally Friday

Wasn't able to run Thurs night with the group so ran on the dreadmill for 2 miles, followed by weights and core. Today was a rest day and glad cuz work was insane today!  It's pouring tonight and Bella is harrassing me because I can't walk her. She is such a high maintance girl! Tomorrow I will probably run my 2 miles in the rain to appease the beast (Bella).

12-11-09 Day 33 Shannon

Last night's trail run was awesome! What can I say, I think I've found a new passion! To run on the trails in the dark is just cool! The neat thing was being able to look out toward the river and there be enough lighting to see how calm it was!

There were 6 of us hard-core FTR's out there last night with Bryan Tully, our fearless Assistant Organizer, leading the group. Everyone was up for the distance I needed to get in (4 miles) and they all just wanted to take it slow and easy. Which of course is my normal pace :)! They are all so sweet.

It was really cold to start. Standing around waiting to get started was the hardest part of the run last night! I was shivering so bad that my muscles started to ache, especially in my neck and shoulders, so I tried to relax my neck while we waited. Not easy when you're that cold. But once we got started, I loosened up and felt really comfortable. About a mile in I was able to take my gloves off.

At 2 miles we stopped for a breather and for a photo shoot! Here's me in total bliss (mostly because I get to take a breather - these guys and gals don't take walk breaks - HHHMMM):

Then we gathered for a group shot. Nicole took our group shot picture and we discovered that we had the Natoma Night Ghost with us (don't worry, he's trail runner friendly):

In this picture, from left to right, is Bruce, Shannon (me), Cathy, Joel & Bryan - oh and the Natoma Night Ghost (lovingly named by Bryan).

The run back was good, although, I did start losing ground on the front runners, however, the group kept me in the middle, and Cathy and Joel remained behind me to make sure I didn't get left behind. All I can say is FTR's rock! Trail runners are a different kind of running breed! I'm so glad I found Diane, creator of the Folsom Trail Runners, and trail running!

Today is a rest day and I'll be taking a quilt class at Meissner's. Then tomorrow is a nice easy 2 miles, which I'll do in my neighborhood. Sunday is 11.5 miles at the Folsom Lake Winter Trail Series at Beale's Point. I'm hoping the weather is just like it is right now, drizzly and muddy. I got my muddy trail running shoes all ready to go - woo hoo.

Get wet and dirty this weekend!

December 10, 2009

Something a little extra

I really like Kristin Armstrong's blog titled "Eeenie Meenie". She talks about when you should run and when you shouldn't. It is quite humorous and serious at the same time.


You can only breathe out of one nostril, or you are emitting strange whistling sounds when you breathe and you wonder if everyone can hear that, or just you.

You really have a hangover, but you are calling it a cold.

You feel like your brain is in a fog. Who knows? It might lift. Turn back for home if the fog gets thicker.

for more go here: Kristin Armstrong's "Eeenie Meenie"

If that link doesn't work - look to the right of our blog for her blog link.


12-10-09 Day 32 Shannon

This week has been full of ups an downs for me.

Tuesday - After Monday's snow, I woke up Tuesday morning, on time, feeling good ready to hit the gym for my 2 miles and yoga. I wanted to do a nice easy 2 miles since I hadn't run since Saturday. Got out to my truck and realized I had made a big mistake. I didn't scrape off the snow from my windshield on Monday when it was nice and soft. Tuesday morning I had 4" of solid ice stuck to my windshield - AAARRRGGHH. So 20 minutes later with defroster running full blast and running into the house a couple of times for buckets of water, I was on my way to the gym.

Becuase of my 20 min fight with the ice, I no longer could put in an easy 2 miles, I had to put in a hard fast 2 miles so that I could get to yoga on time. Did it! But once again, I had to go into yoga all hot and sweaty. I'm telling you, doing downward dog when your hot and sweaty is no fun!

Wesnesday - Overslept! Didn't want to get up! Could it be because I stayed up late to watch the finale of The Biggest Loser? Ya, most definitely. Those people all look so awesome!! I am especially happy for Abby! She was the lady that had lost her family 2 years ago and now has found herself once again and she looks fabulous!

Anyways, I had great expectations of doing some upper body work and 2 miles on the treadmill. Well I ended up only having enough time for the 2 miles and some stretching afterward. ARGH!

Thursday - Once again, this morning, I overslept, although, no I did not stay up late again. I was asleep before 9p. So I don't know why I'm so tired!

I was scheduled for 4 miles today and I was dreading doing 4 miles on the treadmill. Luckily Bryan had scheduled a night run for tonight and since I don't have to work on Friday, I can go on my first night run!! Woo Hoo. Last night I went bought myself a better running light, much brighter.

So since I didn't have to get in a run this morning, thank goodness, I was going to do my upper body workout that I didn't get done yesterday and go to yoga. Well because I overslept, I didn't get my upper body workout in, and I was late getting to yoga, which I hate. I hate walking into the class when it's already in progress. But I did it! So I got in my yoga this morning and tonight will be 4 miles in the dark.

Looking forward to the race on Sunday - I need a run with Pam! It's been almost 2 weeks. I'm going through Pam withdrawal!

December 9, 2009


My sister's biopsy was positive for cancer.........

Cut out of work early; I was in shock. It is very early, in the ducts, carcinoma in situ (the best kind if you have to have it) They may have even gotten it all with the biopsy. She will see the surgeon on Monday and will have a lumpectomy and lymph nodes checked shortly after that, hopefully quickly. She is doing well; I however was overwhelmed with emotion when she told me. I couldn't believe, my sister, the health fanatic, had the big C. My boss gave me the rest of the day off, told me to 'go run' so I collected Bella and headed to Twin Rocks. Ran the long way to the top of the hill.

It was a good, therapeutic run for me. A coyote ran across my path, which was pretty cool. I ran about 2 1/2 miles total. I love coming down the short way from the hill, it's so fun!

Tomorrow I will probably head to the gym for my 2 miler followed by weights. This weekend is our 10 mile run/race. It looks like rain but I don't care. I am going to enjoy every bit of it :)

December 8, 2009

Tuesday's Workout

Got up early to meet the Tues group run girls Jessica, Shannon and Pat. It was COOOOLD! 29 degrees when we started. Ran on the trail from twin rocks along Granite beach and back. I did my 4 miles today since it is my day off. Had a great run. Afterward Pat showed me a trail up Auburn Folsom a few miles called Sterling Point. It is a slice of heaven! It is tucked into the nice homes and is a horse staging area. The trail hooks into the trail that goes up to Auburn. I am going to schedule a run there next Tues. Shannon, we HAVE to run that trail for one of our long runs!! Got my usual Starbucks dirty latte (but didn't get my petite scone, I'm trying to get those only after runs longer than 7 miles :) and headed home. Did a great strength workout, core, then alot of foam rolling. I am feeling stronger and stronger. Nothing is bothering me and I know it's cuz I'm staying consistent AND doing my wts and core. 

My sister had her biopsy today and will know the results tomorrow. The anxiety has been setting in this evening and I am fighting the horrible thoughts trying to get into my head. Please say prayers that the report is benign. She is a wreck right now, and so am I.

December 7, 2009

12-7-09 Day 27-29 Shannon

Crazy weekend!

Day 27 - Saturday - got up early (didn't sleep well) and headed to downtown Sacramento to the convention center to help Diane at the California International Marathon Expo handing out timing chips and bibs to relay members. What fun that was.

Having never been to the CIM expo I didn't know what to expect, so I didn't bring any money with me, but there were vendors galore there and I would've liked to have done a little shopping. But I really didn't have the time.

As soon as my shift was up, I left and headed to work to swap vehicles (needed company truck for my craft show on Sunday). Then went to the aquatic center for my scheduled 4 mile run. My legs were a bit tired from Friday's run, but I felt good and the run was nice. It was cold, but the sun was out and it was really pretty.

After that, went home for a shower. Then I had to spend my free time working on X-MAS spiders for Sunday's craft show. When Skyla (youngest daughter) showed up to do my hair for the X-MAS party, we headed up stairs. That took some time. But when she was done, my hair was sassy to go with my sassy dress :) Here's my hubby, Mark, and I before the party.

The party was a lot of fun. Got home and crawled into bed about 11p.
Day 28- Sunday - Today was a rest day - phew - as I had to get up early and get packed up for the craft show. The craft show was up in Camptonville, approximately 1.75 hrs away in the mountains. Heading up there it started to hail/snow on us about 8 miles from our destination. Nothing major, but it did worry me because if it kept up, we may not get down the hill.
Luckily, during the show, the sun busted out and the whether was beautiful. I did well at the show and we had a really good time.
Heading home, though, it started really snowing on us. After we crossed over the south fork of the Yuba river, the snow really started coming down and it stayed with us through Grass Valley. I don't like driving in the snow. I get really tense and I'm feeling it now as my body is sore! However, we made it home safe and sound.

Day 29 - Monday - Today is also a rest day - thank goodness - because we woke up to approx 4" of snow outside our door - OMG - we don't get snow in EDH!

This is our backyard. Poor little wagon! The time on my pics is off by an hour. I forgot to reset that clock I guess. LOL

This is our front yard from upstairs.
And this is the view from where I'm sitting right now because I refuse to drive to work until the snow on the road melts. I don't need the stress of driving on snow today. My body is too sore from yesterday!

So now I'll putz around the house until I feel it's safe enough to drive out of here and go to work. Tomorrow is 2 miles and yoga. Hopefully it doesn't snow again tomorrow, otherwise, I don't know what I'll do!

Stay warm!

December 6, 2009

Weekend wrap up

This weekend flew by! Started off great with dinner at BJs with Kem, Shellie, and Pam. Pizza and beer, yum :)) Then Saturday morning ran with the group from Cavitt for 8 miles. It was freezing but I felt really strong. Stuck with Toni and Cynthia for most of the run. Then on to the expo in the afternoon to man the FTR booth with Susan B and Katy. We had a blast, laughed a ton and had lots of people stopping by, taking brochures, etc.  This morning I met a friend at 'the wall' to cheer FTRs on...

I saw Kem, Leslie and Bryan - they looked so focused. They passed too quickly for pictures :( It was really fun (but very cold) being out there and cheering everyone on. These little cuties were all bundled up with big furry hats on...just had to take their picture!

The day turned blustery cold and I really didn't want to run 5 miles. So I took a nap when I got home :( Felt guilty and Bella was bugging me, so I got bundled up and ran on the bikepath near my house, staying on the crushed granite as much as possible. Started to sprinkle, but thank God it didn't open up and rain. Very glad I got my miles in this weekend. I am so happy tomorrow is a rest day, Yoo Hoo!!

December 4, 2009

12-4-09 Day 26 Shannon

Today's run was GREAT!! The FTR's really came through for me, and I had 4 other members join me on my run for the 1st 2 miles, then 2 turned around. However, Donna and Christie stuck with me for the full 8 miles that I needed to get in this morning. They were both very encouraging and very patient.

Donna is much faster, an Energizer bunny, however, she kept it slow for me. When she would get out ahead and I'd lose eyesight of her, eventually she would come back. She is so sweet.

Christie is a new FTR member who came out and she too kept the pace slow for me. She stayed with me most of the time, and when she would get out ahead of me, there she would be jogging in place at the top of hill waiting patiently for me.

I can't thank Donna & Christie enough for being my running buddies today.

The run was beautiful, sunny, and a bit chilly to begin with, but then the chill factor mellowed. I did 8.3 miles total in 1:44:15, which gives me an average pace of 12:34. I'm quite pleased with that!

Tomorrow I've got to squeeze in a 4 miler after helping out Diane at the CIM Expo. This will be tough as I've got time constraints, however, I will do it!

Have a great weekend & get dirty.

December 3, 2009


Well, I didn't get up this morning to run :( But I did make it to the gym tonight. Had a free pass at the gym down the street and ran 2.30 on the dreadmill. Felt great. Did a strength workout afterward. They have Bosu balls so I did weighted lunges which really force me to focus. Ended with some core and stretching. I gave up my CFF gym memberhip cuz it was too expensive (and I rarely went). I really like the gym down the street. There were 3 people in the gym at 6:30pm! Great new treadmills and everything I need, without the huge price tag. So I will probably join this one (it's $20/month cheaper). Tomorrow is a rest day, then Sat 8 miler with the group.

12-3-09 Day 25 Shannon

So I woke up late this morning and seriously did not want to get out of bed. It was soooo cold this morning!!!!!!!! Usually when I wake up late, I throw in the towel and tell myself, well now you don't have enough time to get in a good workout, why bother going?! Then I go back to sleep.

Well with Pam and Diane on my hills, I can't use that excuse any more! So I got up, rushed around, and got out the door and to the gym. Yesterday I indicated that I wanted to do an easy 2 miles then yoga. Well with only 25 minutes until yoga, I had to run hard to get in my 2 miles. I did it! Phew.

Well let me tell you something, doing yoga while extremely hot and sweaty is not an easy task. It probably took 15 minutes to finally cool down enough to enjoy the yoga :). Definitely need to make sure I have enough time to cool down before yoga from now on.

Tomorrow is my long run on the trails with at least one other FTR. Donna has agreed to run with me - yeah. I haven't run with Donna since we were apart of the now defunct River Rats running group. She is faster than me, but she's a really neat person, and I know she will slow it down just for me. Plus she's bringing her newest doggie, Cream, can't wait to meet her.

Stay dirty.

December 2, 2009

Wed workout

Plan was to run on the treadmill, but again kept long at work and lost my motivation to go anywhere but walked Bella for 15 minutes, then did the elliptical for 20 minutes. My tentative plan for tomorrow is to get up early and run 2 miles near my house. It will be a HUGE accomplishment if I actually get up early enough. That is the toughest thing for me to do on days I have to work.

12-2-09 Day 24 Shannon

Nothing exciting to report today. Got to the gym, did a really good upper body workout followed by some ab work. Then got in a hard 2 miles on the treadmill. I'm trying to increase my speed on these short runs. However, since I'm putting in 8 miles on Friday, tomorrow's 2 miler will be really easy and I'm gonna get in another yoga class. :)

Went to a gym I haven't gone to in a while and was dissappointed to see so many pieces of equipment label "out of order" (even benches were marked that way - huh?). I gave the by buddy up in front a bad time about it. He said they are fixing the vinyl on all the seats and that not so many pieces were supposed to be done at the same time. He promised it would be done by next week. Knowing this gym, I doubt it. Ever since it got sold to new owners, the equipment, the bathrooms, etc. have all gone down hill. But I like this little gym because it's not a "family" gym, so no frufru'd out men or women. In fact, I'm usually the only female in there as I get there really early. So I get the bathroom to myself - hehehehe.

Stay dirty

December 1, 2009

Sobering Tuesday

The start of this week has been very tough; both sisters are dealing with some new health issues. My sister Paula who is autistic (lives in Michigan) was admitted to the hospital for respiratory problems and medication complications. My sister Patty (lives in Florida) had an abnormal mammogram and has to have a biopsy. It is frustrating to be so far away. I feel helpless. Thank God my brother, Gary is near Paula. My parents are in Florida. I am in constant prayer mode right now.

Ran with Jessica this morning. She is such a loyal FTR, she shows up at my Tues runs every time. We had a great, fast (for me) 2 mile run today. Avg pace was 10:45. It was FREEZING! About 35 degrees when we started.  After that I headed home and walked Bella for about 2 miles (didn't take her running today). Spent alot of time in deep thought during this walk. Life really is precious. We gotta enjoy each day and eachother to the fullest. You just never know when it could all be taken away...

Did a wt workout followed by yoga stretch and feels good to be done with the workout for today. Tomorrow another 2 mile run on the treadmill, ugh!

12-1-09 Day 23 Shannon

Happy December. I can't believe it's already December and there's only 30 more days left of 2009. OMG!

Yesterday was a much needed rest day, just wish I could have rested at home instead of work. Oh well.

Today went to the gym and put in a little over 2 miles on the Treadmill (2 miles strong, then .25 miles as a cool down). Then went to yoga for an hour. Yoga feels so good. I guess I was really tired because during savasana I almost feel asleep. I could have stayed in that pose all day :).

My hamstrings are really short and need a lot more stretching. I may try to get in another yoga class this week. I'll be glad when I can do all the poses without having to bends knees, etc. Although, my back does limit me in some of the poses, but that too shall get stronger, I hope.

Tomorrow is another 2 miles and strength training.


November 29, 2009

Sunday's run

Ran 5 miles from Cavitt this afternoon. legs were alittle tired from yesterday but felt pretty good. Looking foward to a rest day tomorrow :)

11-29-09 Day 21 Fun in the Sun - Shannon

So I haven't posted in a few days for various reasons, no real good reasons, except life getting in the way - no biggie though, right?

Fri - Day 19 - rest day. Traveled up to see my MIL and to get our X-Mas tree from the Downieville Lions. It rained all the way up, but blessed us on the way back by being dry. Had a great day, although I found Friday, being at MIL's the hardest day being wheat-free yet. Her home is the comfort food home, with all sorts of yummy stuff all over the place. But, I stayed strong and true, although it was REALLY hard!

Sat - Day 20 - Long run with the FTR's and my buddy, Pam. Pam was feeling strong on Saturday, and I had a hard time keeping up with her. We did a little over 7 miles running from Karen's bakery out and back. It was a good run. Windy but gorgeous! Spent the rest of the day working on bears, and I got to spend some time with my youngest, Skyla. That was really nice.

Today I headed out to run the Brown's Ravine trail from Sophia Pkwy to the Marina and back. Hubby, Mark, went with me and fished the lake while I ran the trail for 4.67 miles. I can say that the detoxing from going wheat-free has officially set in and the marina outhouse never looked so good before :). Today's run felt really good and I enjoyed it tremendously! The weather was perfect and it was just peaceful. Reason #5 why I like trail running - free therapy!

Not sure what tomorrow brings yet until hear back from Diane. Maybe rest or maybe 2 miles. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Stay dirty!

November 28, 2009

Fabulous Sat run

Had a great 7 mile run today with Shannon and the FTRs. Felt great and tried to keep a slightly faster pace. My goal is to slowly get my speed up to about 10:30 - 10:45 min mile over the next few months of training so I can make the time cutoff at WTC! Came home and did core and some stretching. Tomorrow will be a 5 miler from Cavitt. My body is starting to like running more often; I definitely feel stronger.

November 27, 2009

alternate 50k if WTC is full

I've been looking around for other possible 50Ks in case WTC fills up. This one looks great Skyline to the Sea 50K . In fact, if we survive WTC, maybe we should do this one anyway! It looks like it's mostly downhill :)

active rest day

Heeded shannon's recommendation and took it easy today. Did a 2 mile walk with Bella and then did yoga/stretching for about 25 min afterward. I'm actually alittle sore from that walk yesterday...probably cuz we went so darn slow! Off to check out the deals of Black Friday :)

11-26-09 Day 18 T- Day Shannon

Happy T-Day all.

Today was a good day. Well it ended really well anyways:).

Woke up around 6:30a, saw day light and knew it was time to get up and hit the road for a 2 mile run. Got out there to just run an out and back on the road in my neighborhood. First mile out felt great, made my u-turn to come back and that's when Mother Nature came a calling with a vengeance. I thought, "I can still do this, just don't think about it." Started running again, but had to stop. I had to walk otherwise there was going to be a very nasty accident. I went as far as I could walking and said "I'm not going to make it home :(."

When I'm out on the road or trails by myself, I always run with my cell, so I called my wonderfully understanding hubby to come get me. Talk about embarrassing (mostly to be talking about it here), but I would have been even more embarrassed to come home a mess.

Because of this not so wonderful outing, I've decided to add a list to the right - "Why we love trail running (vs road running)". This is where Pam and I (and Diane if so chooses to) can add everything we love about trail running. I'm hoping we get a very long list, and I'm hoping that some of the items turn out to be quite humorous, as is my reason #4 - When Mother Nature calls you to "go" you can pull off the trail to "go". You can't do that while on the roads. Which is what happened to me! :(.

So needless to say I didn't get my 2 miles in, but I did manage to get 1.67 miles in before my hubby arrived in the green chariot. I know Diane, it's not 2, but this was an emergency, I had no choice. I tried, I really tried!

After my failed attempt to get in 2 miles this morning, I cooked my dinner of stuffed portabello mushrooms to take to my mom's. We then headed over to my mom's for a great afternoon/evening. All the kids (adults now) were there and we had a great time.

Oh and I'm quite pleased to say that I maintained my wheat-free-ness today. Day 4 and I'm feeling good.

Tomorrow is rest and a long trip up into the mountains to see my MIL and to get our X-Mas tree - a beautiful Silver Tip (Charlie Brown tree - my fav).


November 26, 2009

turkey day

did the run to feed the hungry (walked) 5k with buddies from work. was going to run 2 miles later in the day but ran out of time. had a great thanksgiving dinner with friends kathy and kem and feel sufficiently stuffed :) I'm debating on whether to run 2 miles tomorrow or count today as my 2 miler. I really want to run though. What do you all think? Will be running 7 sat and 5 on sun so don't want to overdo it. tomorrow will do wts and check out a yoga class at gym. happy thanksgiving!

November 25, 2009


had intentions to go to the gym to run, but worked very late, again and had to get home to walk bella. Walked her for about 20 min, then hopped on the elliptical for 20 min. Weights and core followed by stretching and I'm pooped! Tomorrow I'll be walking the 5k Run to Feed the Hungry with the girls from work. I will probably run 2 miles from home after that, then plan to head over to friends for a great thanksgiving dinner!

11-25-09 Day 17 Shannon

Nothing exciting today. Went to the gym did some upper body work and abs, then did my 2 miles on the treadmill.

I do have a pet peeve I'd like to air here. Why do people feel the need to put on perfume/cologne when going to the gym?

The gym I've been going to has at least 50 treadmills in one area. This morning, at 5:30a, maybe 5 were in use. I, of course, was on one and skip over one and another gal was on it. Then throughout the room, a few more were being used. So I'm just starting out and another woman walks up and gets on the treadmill in between me and the other gal. WHY? There were at least 30 other available treadmills throughout the room.

Ok, no biggie, right. Maybe she likes to be near other sweaty women on treadmills, who knows. Everyone has their fetishes. Anyways, it wouldn't have been so bad, except she had perfume on. HELLO??!!! I thought for sure I was going to have to move, but luckily it wasn't too strong and the overhead fans cleared the air.

This is one of the major problems with using a "family" gym, you get the ones in there who don't really know why they are there, except that they think they should be there. So, if they gotta be there, they gotta look good. Hair up, make-up done, perfumed out! OMG! YUCK!

Ok, enough, I feel better now :).

Tomorrow I'm gonna do my 2 miles in my neighborhood, outside, fresh air - oh ya baby! I'm so excited. Saturday Pam & I will hook up and do our 7 miles together. It's about time, it's been 2 weeks since we've run together. I miss my running buddy!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

November 24, 2009

tues workout

well...had a wonderful run with the girls today, although I was in the back as usual. Ran with Pat on the way out, and with kem on the way back (who was going at a nice easy pace due to her PF issues). I ended up doing 4 total, did walk some of the hills and took it nice and easy. I used the first 1/2 mile to warm up. Did core work and some yoga stretches when I got home.   So, I did alittle over our goal for the day. Tomorrow will do just 2 (I promise) followed by weights.

11-24-09 Day 16 Shannon

So my first day wheat-free went by smoothly. Picked up a cook book title "The Gluten-Free Vegan" and made the Spicy Quinoa Pilaf - it was really good. Although, in the future, it'll get lots more veggies than the little bit of zucchini it called for. The great thing is, it made enough for me to have lunch, dinner, and lunch again - woo hoo. I need meals that will last several days as I don't like to be in the kitchen! Although I can cook, and I can cook well, I don't like it!! There are other things I'd rather be doing with my time.

Anyways, made it to the gym this morning, did my 2 miles on the treadmill, felt really good!! Then 1 hour yoga - felt even better. Getting up is getting easier, although, I still hit the snooze button a few more times than I should have this morning, but I still got in what I need to get in today.

Tomorrow is another 2 miles and weight training.


November 23, 2009

Rest is good

Rest day today. Long day at work as usual but not too crazy today. Walked Bella for about 20 min and froze then into PJs and now watching The Closer. Tomorrow is a run with the Tues crowd. I reallllly wanna do 4-6 miles as most of them are going that will be hard to stop at 2......:)

11-23-09 Day 15 Rest - Shannon

Today is a rest day. Thank goodness. I needed to be able to sleep in a little longer this morning. My back has been bothering me, and the rest was very much needed. I see Dr. Steve tonight, yeah!

Today is the first day of my attempt to eliminate wheat from my diet. On Diane's recommendation, to help me break through my year long plateau, I'm going wheat free. This is going to be extremely challenging, as I'm a breadaholic, but I believe I'm ready for it. Although, I didn't pick the best week for it, Thanksgiving week, but I figure, if I can survive this week wheat free, I can survive any week wheat free!!

I'm excited to see how my body will react. Will I see immediate changes or will it take a while? When you make drastic changes to your diet, as I did a little over 3 years ago, by going vegan, you body may go into detox mode. I went through a serious one when giving up animal products, so hopefully it won't be as bad by giving up wheat. But I'm prepared if I do.

Tomorrow it's back to training - I'm scheduled for 2 miles and yoga.


November 22, 2009


Well, the spa was fantastic, went by WAY too quickly. Had one of the best (and most expensive) massages of my life. Great wine, food

and friends...

it was a great weekend. Woke up to a huge buffet breakfast at our hotel (Villagio, in Yountville).

 Ate large quantities of food then headed back home. Took a nap then did my 4 miler at Twin Rocks. I did NOT want to run, I wanted to lie on the couch the rest of the afternoon. But once I got going, I felt great. I am looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow. 

11-22-09 Day 14 - FLWTRS - Shannon

Today was a great day for a race. Diane's Folsom Lake Winter Trail Race Series had it's 3rd race in the series today and what a great race it was. She offered 3 miles, 7 miles, and 13 mile distances. On Diane's recommendation, in keeping with my training, I did the 7 miler. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

I already love the Brown's Ravine trails, but today she had us take a route I've never taken before, and I loved it! Thanks Diane, now I have more choices out there - woo hoo.

The distance ended up falling a little short of 7 miles. My Garmin registered 6.77 miles total. I felt great! I walked several of the steeper climbs, but for the most part, I ran it. I finished in 1:20:14, which gave me an average pace of 11:51 per mile. This is really good for me on the trails. I'm quite pleased. Thanks Diane for pushing me to get my miles in during the week. I think it really paid off today.

I'd like to send a 2nd (I sent one on the FTR site - hope she hears about it) shout out to 9-year old Brooke Reid (almost 10) who missed her 3 mile turn off and continued on the 7 mile path. When I caught up to her, shortly after the aid station, approximately 4.5 miles into the race, she didn't even realize she had missed the turn off. She was kind enough to run slow enough for me to keep up with her - she is so nice! But that only lasted until we hit the levie, then she was gone! Left me in the dust! Oh well! :) Brooke, you rock!

Tomorrow is a rest day, and I'm gonna utilize every minute of it, even though I have to go to work.


November 21, 2009

Saturday long run

Started about 7:45 and ran from Cavitt to Granite Beach with Bella. Beautiful morning and VERY cold. I had to cut it short (6:15 miles) due to time contraints. Off to Napa!

11-21-09 Day 13 Part 2 Shannon

So I'm really stoked about this morning's run. I haven't run this route in probably over a year. It turns out that the total distance is 2.75 miles - a loop around my neighborhood with a portion of the run on part of the New York Creek Trail. It's 1 mile to the trail (street running - yuck), then the trail is 1.17 miles, then back on the streets to my house is another .56 miles. I did it in 30 minutes. This is awesome for me. The reason being is that the last 1/2 mile to my house is all up hill.

I'd have to do some serious research to find my true time, but I'm pretty confident that in the past it took me at least 40-45 minutes to do that route. Mainly because I'd have to walk most of the way home.

Today I only had to take a short (1-1.5 minutes) walk break when I came off the trail. After that I was able to run the whole way home, up hill. WOW!

Oh and the trail was absolutely beautiful this morning. No one was out there this early, not even a dog barked, so it was really quiet, with only the creek talking to me, it was awesome!

Enjoy the sunshine today!


11-21-09 Day 13 Shannon

Thursday and Friday ended up being very emotional for me. Because of that I didn't know "how" to post on this blog. After much therapuetic emailing with my 50k buddie, Pam. I'm feeling better about what this blog is all about.

It is understood that this blog is not only about our victories, but also our trials that we go through to reach our goal of running a 50k. Apart of our trials to reach our goal involves life, in general. Life does manage to get in the way and that will play a big part in reaching our goal.

So from time to time, there may be a post or two releasing our feelings, tensions, whatever to help get things off our chests, in order to move forward with our quest of running a 50k.

Ok, enough, now on to my training for Friday, since I didn't post yesterday. I made up for my TURD on Tuesday. Went to the gym, did 2 miles on the dreadmill and then did some ab work and lots of stretching afterwards. Oh my does stretching feel good.

Today brings a long day for me. I will run 2-3 miles this morning in my neighborhood. There is a small trail behind my neighborhood that I'll run on part of the way. I have to start out on the road for about a mile, then the trail is approximately .75 miles (it's been a while since I ran on it), then I have to run on the road back home. I think the total distance is 2.25. I guess I'll find out after I'm done. :)

Then I'm off to Auburn for a 4 hour class on long arm quilting, then it's a day of quilting with my quilting buddies - yeah - I need some down time with my quilting buddies, oh and Debbie is an awesome cook and always caters to my vegan diet - she rocks!

Have a great weekend all!


November 20, 2009


Had class today so didn't have to work, and I got out at 2pm so I was able to get outside and do my run (vs dreadmill). Ran near my house on the bike trail, stayed on the crushed granite and only had to get on the asphalt a few yards. Felt great, love running in this kind of weather! Came home and did a short strength workout followed by a few core exercises, then ended with alittle yoga stretching. My plan is to get up early tomorrow and run out at the lake, goal is 7 miles. Then off to the spa! Can't wait to get a massage :)

November 19, 2009


I worked another 10 hours today; I didn't make it to the run and I'm SO sad I missed it. I even had someone willing to run with me (Ralph) . I worked til alittle after 7 and left completely spent. Instead of letting it really get me down, I will just plan to head to the gym tomorrow afternoon and get the 2 miler in followed by weights again. I think it is time for me to buckle down and get my butt out of bed before work one of the days and get the workout in. Tomorrow is another day to start all over again! 

11-19-09 Day 11 - Shannon

Ok, made it to the gym today, but was only able to get in 1.25 miles on the treadmill as I didn't want to be late for the yoga class. Yoga was good, but not great, as my muscles are still sore, I was tentative with my back, and my muscles are really tight, so my range of motion was limited. But all in all the class was good and I feel good!


November 18, 2009


Tough, busy day at work and thought it might have to be a rest day. But I got home, walked the dog for 20 min, then was a good girl and jumped on the elliptical for 20 min. Legs alittle tired from last night's workout. But I'm so glad I got the workout in. Plan to run with the group tomorrow 2-3 miles max.  It will be interesting to run the trails at night, cuz I'm blind as a bat at night, even with a light! Off to bed, I'm done for the day :)

11-18-09 Day 10 Shannon

So there is definitely something to be said about this accountability thing! Legs are still hurting and I didn't want to go to the gym when I woke up! But I did because I knew I'd have to post today, and I didn't want to talk about another TURD (LOL - my new favorite acronym - Totally Unscheduled Rest Day - thanks trailmomma for that one)!!

I worked my upper body, but as I started I felt really weak, so I definitely must still be fatigued, although not sure why my upper body would be fatigued, but whatever. I did use machines instead of free weights, so that could have been part of it. I managed to get through it with some ab work thrown in there too.

Then I hit the treadmill for 2 miles. It took a mile for my legs to accept what I was doing. I did run at a very slow pace, started at 4.7 then took it up to 5 mph. The 2nd mile went a lot better, now that my legs were warmed up and knew I wasn't going to quit, they stopped whining!

Stairmill was no big deal - interesting - I guess because my legs were all warmed up after the run they didn't mind being on the mill for 10 minutes. Started at a level 5 then took it up to a 6 with 6 minutes left. 10 minutes gave me a climb of .7 miles or 33 flights.

All in all, a good workout. Thanks Pam and Diane for being here to keep me in check!

Tomorrow's schedule is 2 miles on the TM then a 1 hr yoga class. I'm so looking forward to the yoga!!


November 17, 2009

Tues workout

Went to the gym tonight and ran 2 miles on the dreadmill, wasn't that bad and I felt pretty darn good. Then followed up with wts for upper/lower body and used the bosu ball for a few moves. I love that thing. Did some core and stretching afterward. My muscles feel so much better and looser when I sweat! Tomorrow I plan to do the elliptical in place of my 2 miler. 

11-17-09 Day 9 - Shannon

So I went to see Dr. Steve last night and he popped me back into place. Apparently my hips were going one direction & my torso the other - ya I was messed up. The good news is I don't have any restrictions other than to listen to my body.

With that in mind, I had every intention of getting up this morning and attempting to do an easy 2 miles on the treadmill then a yoga class. Well when I woke up, I listened to my body and it said - Um I don't think so lady! My back was really tight and my legs, oh my goodness, my legs - ouch! Ya, I didn't go to the gym. So this is an official 2nd rest day!

Now that I'm up and about, my back is definitely much, much, much better and only my legs are screaming, especially my quads and hip flexors.

Therefore, no more excuses, I'll be back in the gym tomorrow attempting an easy 2 miles on the treadmill, some mill work, and upper body.

Today I will continue to ice my back and walk like a duck - LOL!

Til tomorrow


November 16, 2009

Hip flexor exercises

Shannon, here's a link to the hip flexor exercises I found in Runners World that I've been trying to do regularly: Hip flexor/core stablization exercises There are several exercises.
I know there's an article in the Runnersworld hard copy somewhere, but I can't find it. So, I'm posting these for both of us.

Auburn to Cool Video

Here's the vid that Diane took on our journey yesterday : video of run
Thanks Diane!

Rest day

Walked Bella for 45 minutes today on the bikeway near my house. It's such a beautiful little trail.

Came home and did about 20 minutes of stretching/yoga poses. I'm alittle sore in the quads today, but otherwise am feeling good. I'm SO looking forward to our next long run :)

November 15, 2009

Auburn to Cool

What a day! Fabulous run, tough but well worth it. We started with the group at the ADO heading out alittle before 8am and it was COLD. Started with a nice long downhill and fun run to the NHB, then the pain started :) Training hill (K2) was a bear as expected, this picture doesn't do it justice:

Finally at the top, we headed left towards cool. The run got even more beautiful as we headed around and back towards Auburn.

We almost took a wrong turn up another steep hill, but a wonderful horse woman pointed us in the right direction. Then Jennifer and Diane came running by and lead us back. Here's Shannon heading up a steep portion of the trail, she looks like an angel!

We finished off with a great meal at the South Pine Cafe. Took an ice bath for 10 minutes followed by a shower and a nap. This is one of many tough runs to come, but I know we'll get stronger with each one.  Thank you Diane for pulling us both thru today!

11-15-09 Shannon

So today was an adventure. We ended up going 13 miles instead of the 10 we had planned, tackled K2, got lost (but not completely), and Pam and I ran out of water. But, we did have fun!!

Climbing K2 was a bit overwhelming and I wasn't mentally prepared and apparently not physically prepared either. As I'm climbing, hunched over, Diane hollows up to tell me to stand up straight, so I did. Ooops, backed didn't like that move, and I suffered with back pain the rest of our 9 miles. But I did it, although, very slowly, but I did it.

Left knee started complaining around 8 miles, but really started screaming at me during the 10th mile, which slowed me down even more, especially on the down hills where I normally make up for my pokieness on the up hills. But I did it!

3 hours, 42 minutes, and 36 seconds and 13 miles later I made it back to the parking lot where my awesome running buddy Pam and awesome coach Diane were waiting for me, cheering me on.

We then went to a fabulouse restaurant in Auburn called South Pine Cafe where they serve tofu scramble. I was in heaven! Yum!

So tomorrow I'm back to work and I'm making a call to Dr. Steve for my back.

All in all, day 6 in our training went pretty darn well. Thanks Diane, you rock!

Dream Big!

You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true. You may have to work for it, however.
Plan your work and work your will get step at a time!

November 14, 2009

Golf day - Shannon

So I golfed today. Had a decent round. Played to my handicap, which is good. I walked the course and let me tell you, I'm so glad that Diane told me not to run 5 miles this morning. I decided to bring my Garmin with me and wear my heart monitor just to see how many miles it is to walk a course.

It took us 5 hours to play as there was a tournament that had started earlier in the day, so the pace of play was slow, which my back did not appreciate. Anyways, I kept the Garmin on my bag, so it wasn't on my wrist, which means I did more distance than the Garmin registered because I would leave my bag to get to certain areas like the green, etc. So my Garmin registered that I walked 4.24 miles. I figure you can round that up to 4.5 with the actual walking I did. My heart rate averaged 104 bpm with a high of 144 bpm (that's probably when climbing the hills I had to hike).

So, I almost put in my 5 miles today :). But, I must say, I am pooped and my legs are sore. I sure hope I don't slow you down too much tomorrow. But I am looking forward to it. I'm going to bed early to get as much rest as possible.


saturday run with the group

I was almost going to sleep in this morning, but I knew I would regret meeting up with everyone. I love our group and don't like to miss out on seeing everyone. Ran 5 miles with Diane and Monica. Beautiful morning, very cool, which was perfect for running. Met up with everyone at the end and did alittle stretching, headed to starbucks for my latte, then home. Did core and some hip flexor strengthening (Diane reminded me not to forget my hip flexors :)). Then yoga stretching, followed by foam roller. I am so glad I didn't sleep in! Looks like we'll have a great group tomorrow. So looking forward to running in the mountains!

November 13, 2009

Reprieved - Shannon

Well Coach Diane gave me a reprieve from running tomorrow since I'm golfing - walking 18 holes to be exact. So I'm relieved as I was worried about how tired I was going to be after running 5 miles then walking 18 holes. Hopefully I'll be rested enough for our long run on Sunday from Auburn to Cool. I'm really looking forward to our Sunday run. It'll be nice to hit the trails again after no trails for 2 weeks.

Easy day

I walked Bella for 45 minutes this morning, then hopped on the elliptical for 20 minutes. Did some of those Tabata intervals (4) on the elliptical which got me sweating profusely. Did upper body and alittle core, followed by stretching. Now I should follow Shannon's example and clean my house, but I don't wanna. I hate cleaning. You can't believe how much of a mess one person, a dog and a cat can make

11-13-09 Shannon

Today I had great intentions of going to the gym and doing 2 different classes, but by last night I had decided that I had better drop one and not push it. But this morning I'm just not up to doing the "On the Ball" class like I wanted to. I'm a bit sore from my easy leg workout yesterday, hhhhmmmm, can you say out of shape. Sheesh. My motivation is stronger than my body!

I'm going to take today off and spend it working around the house. The house will get cleaned, I will run an errand to the bank and Trader Joe's, then I've got to work on bears today. I've been commissioned to make a 49er bear and I need to get started.

Tomorrow is going to be a tough one to get in my scheduled 5 miles as I've got golf at 10am in Sacramento. But I have every intention of getting up and out the door by 6:30a and running in my neighborhood (streets - yuck). It should just be starting to get light out at that time and I shouldn't have any problems running with my itty bitty headlamp. I think I'll swing by Sports Authority and see if they have a reflective vest I can pick up inexpensively.

Off to clean the house!

November 12, 2009

modifying the blog

hey shannon, did you try to click on 'customize' top right corner? you and diane should be able to modify without restrictions. let me know if that works. love the pics, thanks!


worked 12 hours and didn't get home til 8:30 tonight, so no workout for me :( I'm off tomorrow so will do the elliptical and upper body wts. I'm liking this schedule, it keeps me motivated. I was SOOO tempted to go thru the In-n-Out drive thru tonight, but I was good and ate at home...such a feat for me :)

11-12-09 - Shannon

I made it to the gym again, although, sleep sounded much better. So I'm really proud of myself for getting up - thanks to Pam and Diane and the Blog accountability - I am compelled to get up!

Did an easy leg workout with some ab work thrown in. I did 2 miles on the treadmill, however, today was much harder, so I slowed my pace down after the 1st mile. For the past 2 days I've run non stop at 5.6 mph. Today I started at 5.6 mph, however, I wasn't able to keep it up, so after mile 1, I slowed my pace down to 5 mph. Not sure if is from running 3 days in a row or if it's just because I haven't been this active in a while, we'll see how I do next week.

After, I spent a few minutes stretching. That felt good!

Tomorrow I'm going to try out a cardio class at CFF Folsom. If I hold up through that, I'm gonna try an "on the ball" class too. We'll see.

November 11, 2009

Day 2

Ran 2 miles with 1/2 mile warm up/cool down from Cavitt. Felt really good. Came home and did upper body and core and a yoga/stretch, then foam roller. Seems like the stretch, foam roller stuff takes longer than my run! But gotta keep it up so I don't have an injury. Great job on the step mill, Shannon! Knowing that you will be posting makes me motivated to do my workout! I ran into a gal that used to run on Tues with me and she told me about a 10 mile loop in Cool on the Auburn Lakes trail that encompasses that bad hill, Ball breaker?? I can't remember the name of it (it's on the WTC coarse). So, we'll have to ask jennifer about this this weekend, I'm sure she has the scoop, and schedule a run there. 

Oh...I need to get a better pic of us. I am going to bring a camera this weekend to get some pics for our blog :)

11-11-09 - Shannon

Got to the gym again this morning, yeah! Did an upper body workout, then ran 2 miles on the treadmill. Then I got on the stair mill. Oh my, haven't done that in a while. I did 10 minutes and I felt ill afterward. I started at a level 5 then half way through I bumped it up to level 6 because it didn't feel like level 5 was enough. I guess it's gonna take some getting used to. But in 10 minutes, I walked up 36 floors or .75 miles. WOW! The stair mill we be apart of my Wednesday workout and I'll slowly increase my time on there.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled for 2 miles and an easy lower body workout.

Feeling good so far.

November 10, 2009

Tabata Workouts

Shannon, here's a link to those Tabata workouts Diane talked about last night: I think I will try these out on my thursday run.

I did it! - Shannon

After last night's meeting with Diane and Pam, I got the push I needed to finally get up and go to the gym.

This week's running schedule is to do 2 miles on Tues, Wed, & Thur, then Saturday will be 5 miles and on Sunday Pam and I will run 10 miles from Auburn to Cool. We are also to do yoga at least once a week.

So as I said, I got up this morning and got to the gym, I was only able to do 1.75 miles on the treadmill (yuck) because of time limitations, but then I did 1 hour of yoga. It feels good to be back in the gym, not that I did anything strength-wise, but I still did something. Now I just need to stick with it. But with Pam and Diane on my side, pushing me along, I know I'll do it. No excuses.

Now it's time for work - another yuck!

November 9, 2009

first day of training

Ok girls, I've set up the blog! Today was our meeting with Diane and the start of training, which started as a rest day :)  Tomorrow is a 4 miler (thank you Diane) with the group.  I am so excited about our training!