Shannon & Pam, after months of training, officially became ultrarunners with finishing Way Too Cool 2010 (3/13/10). They continue to run the long distances as they continue to challenge themselves physically & mentally. This is where they post those triumphs and also their tribulations.

December 4, 2009

12-4-09 Day 26 Shannon

Today's run was GREAT!! The FTR's really came through for me, and I had 4 other members join me on my run for the 1st 2 miles, then 2 turned around. However, Donna and Christie stuck with me for the full 8 miles that I needed to get in this morning. They were both very encouraging and very patient.

Donna is much faster, an Energizer bunny, however, she kept it slow for me. When she would get out ahead and I'd lose eyesight of her, eventually she would come back. She is so sweet.

Christie is a new FTR member who came out and she too kept the pace slow for me. She stayed with me most of the time, and when she would get out ahead of me, there she would be jogging in place at the top of hill waiting patiently for me.

I can't thank Donna & Christie enough for being my running buddies today.

The run was beautiful, sunny, and a bit chilly to begin with, but then the chill factor mellowed. I did 8.3 miles total in 1:44:15, which gives me an average pace of 12:34. I'm quite pleased with that!

Tomorrow I've got to squeeze in a 4 miler after helping out Diane at the CIM Expo. This will be tough as I've got time constraints, however, I will do it!

Have a great weekend & get dirty.

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