Shannon & Pam, after months of training, officially became ultrarunners with finishing Way Too Cool 2010 (3/13/10). They continue to run the long distances as they continue to challenge themselves physically & mentally. This is where they post those triumphs and also their tribulations.

December 27, 2009

Christmas week wrap up

The week went by so quickly. I can't believe Christmas is already over! It is always tough to not spend the holidays with my family (who are 2000 miles away), but I was very grateful to have good friends to spend Christmas eve and Christmas day with. Didn't run Wednesday (or do anything) due to feeling sick with a flu and body aches. Dousing myself with grapeseed oil seemed to kill that illness off. Christmas eve I had to work in the morning. Bella harrassed me to get out of bed that day, appearing like she wanted to go for a walk, but when I came out of the bathroom, this is what I found:

What a life she has! I only had to work a 1/2 day, so I did a run at Twin Rocks, which was gorgeous but cold..brrr. Friday did my yoga tape for 45 minutes. Saturday was a fantastic 10 miler with Shannon and the FTR group.

Felt really good Saturday. Today was a 5 miler and my legs were very tired, I was tired too. But it is good to get these back to back runs going to build the base for longer runs. I definitely see a difference in adding strength training this time around. When I did CIM, I didn't do much at all and I suffered. I feel much stronger.  I am REALLY looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.


  1. Love the pics! Bella is so cute & SMART! She wanted the warm spot on the bed - LOL

  2. LOL LOVE the pic of Bella! HA Too cute. Great job on the runs!

  3. Yeah, she is a very spoiled princess!