Shannon & Pam, after months of training, officially became ultrarunners with finishing Way Too Cool 2010 (3/13/10). They continue to run the long distances as they continue to challenge themselves physically & mentally. This is where they post those triumphs and also their tribulations.

February 1, 2010

Restoration Run

WTC training has been going well and I've loved nearly every minute of it. Last week, however, was a real downer. Got sick with a terrible bronchitis and barely ran at all. Had an 18 miler planned on Saturday which I had originally organized (which Diane so graciously took over for me, thank you!), so I had to be there. After a few days on antibiotics I started feeling alittle better.  On Saturday I definitely wasn't back to normal, but I wasn't coughing my head off and the fever was gone. Ran a nice easy pace with Shannon, who ran another strong long run :) It turned out to be such a beautiful, relaxing day.

I was so worried I had lost fitness, but, except for the hills, I felt strong.  I tried to experiment with eating a snickers bar at the halfway point, but that wasn't a good idea. We had to make alittle trip to Sterling Point to use the bathroom. Shannon soaked in the sun while waiting for me

We had a great crowd, many ran to the ADO. I was sad I couldn't do the point to point, but was so grateful to have gotten in 16 1/2 miles, when my plan B was 14 miles.


  1. You did great Pam!
    Interesting commenter above - HHHMMMM.
    Woodside 35k here we come!

  2. Don't click on the ........... in the Mandarin post. It is a link to a porn site. You may think about deleting it...

  3. thanks mike, i just deleted it, yikes, i'm glad i didn't click on it!