Shannon & Pam, after months of training, officially became ultrarunners with finishing Way Too Cool 2010 (3/13/10). They continue to run the long distances as they continue to challenge themselves physically & mentally. This is where they post those triumphs and also their tribulations.

February 14, 2010

Getting Stronger! Shannon

Oh where to start??

Saturday was our scheduled long run. We were scheduled for 22 miles, so we decided to hit the Cool trails and get a bigger taste of what we'll be facing on March 13th. We had a nice size group come out to join us on our long run, and you can see a portion of those wonderful people in Pam's post below.

As we started on the Quarry Road I kept seeing oodles and oodles of spider webs that I had never seen before when running out there. It was soooo cool and I had to take pictures. Here's one of those shots.Those little white things are all spider webs. The pic doesn't do it justice, that is for sure!

We left the Quarry Road and started climbing a moderately steep ascent to Brown's Bar. From Brown's Bar to Auburn Lake Trails, the trail is single track with gently rolling sections.

Here is Pam and our faithful guide, Jennifer, just before a little waterfall and one of many creek crossings.
Here is Pam and I at the little waterfall, so pretty!!!

Brown's Bar trail takes you to the top of Ball Bearing, where one of our awesome FTR's left us water. I'm sure glad he did that cuz I wouldn't have had enough.

We then continued on the Auburn Lake Trails. It is along this section of trail we came upon the Barbara Schoener memorial with its beautiful daffodils and breathtaking vista of the American River Canyon. (Barbara was a wife and mother whose first ultra was run on this course. She was fatally injured by a mountain lion during a solo training run in 1994.) Here we are at the memorial.
In this pic from left to right is Ed Walsh, me, Jennifer Blake, Marc Meyer, and Pam

We then hit Dead Truck Trail where Pam shows her crazy side. I just love this pic!!

As we headed down Dead Truck Trail we actually found the dead truck. It's just amazing to see this here because you look around to see, how on earth did it get there. There's no road. I think I need to do some research. Or can anyone tell me????

After oohing and awwing over the dead truck we started to descend down a steep portion of the trail. I think Pam is delirious by now cuz here she is posing for me on this steep hill :)

As we continued on we hit yet another creek crossing. By this time, I had completely lost count. I will try to keep count during WTC, but I make no promises.

In this pic is Marc Meyer and Jennifer Blake.

Dead Truck Trail take us to the Middle Fork of the American River and 'Ball Bearing', the steepest climb (.7 miles) on the course.

Pam is looking strong getting up that hill!!

We intended to do 22 miles, but ended up with 24.4 miles. It was tough, but we did it and as you can tell we are quite pleased with ourselves.

My foot continues to give me issues (dropped Navicular bone) but I'm pushing through it.

I managed to get in my 8 miles on Sunday out in Granite Bay with Jennifer. Today, thankfully, is a much needed rest day. I'm also happy to say, that it is a cycle down week and I get to golf come this Saturday - woo hoo.

Stay dirty!

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