Shannon & Pam, after months of training, officially became ultrarunners with finishing Way Too Cool 2010 (3/13/10). They continue to run the long distances as they continue to challenge themselves physically & mentally. This is where they post those triumphs and also their tribulations.

January 30, 2011

Unofficial Way Too Cool Training Run

Well, it's been a very LONG time since I've posted on the blog. Life seems to have gotten in the way. I hate when that happens. I've been blessed with a few epic runs since my last posting. I thought it was time to post about the latest endeavor on the trails of Cool, California.  Since my decision to nix AR 50 plans due to injuries, I've been AWOL on any kind of formal training. Running has been painful for several months. I did get relief off and on with chiro treatment from Dr. Steve. But I then developed a nasty piriformis and hamstring issue (that was after the achilles tendonitis in the summer). All of this was compounded by the very sedentary job I took back in July which did a number on my back.  I finally made an appointment with the ART/Graston guru that is Justin Lau (why did I wait so damn long again??) After 2 sessions my piriformis and hamstring were nearly back to normal. It also helped that I dumped the sedentary job to resume private practice in Rocklin, yeah!!  In preparation for the training run, Cynthia and I did two 10 milers out in Cool along different parts of the trail.  The fog was just too much and we were happy to see the sun and run in the hills again

Do you see that horrid fog hanging over the valley??

This beats the fog any day!

Cynthia walking towards the light!!

I was very happy to get out of that dreadful fog...can you tell how much I hate fog?

The next week we headed up to run from 3rd gate. I've never run this part before and I can't believe how absolutely gorgeous the trail is up here!

Kinda sad that someone had to deface the sign...certainly wasn't a trail runner!

We ran down to the WST and onto Quarry Trail. At the junction of Main Bar, we came upon a nest of cool!

So, after these 2 runs, I was anxious to do the training run. I was excited to connect these two sections together. We started out in the cold and fog Saturday morning. There were easily over 100 runners, most of them from FTR!

Sue Booher, Patty Hoffman, Kem McGrath, and I believe that's Julie Fingar ready to head out

We didn't get a chance to do a group pic cuz a bunch of us were in the bathroom line and before we knew it, everyone had started the run.

Mike G and Diane heading into the fog...

Kamran took a pic of Patty and I heading out...

Tracyee heading up with the group...I'm glad kamran took pics cuz I forgot my stupid camera in Dave and Kym's car :(

Not even a mile out, Kym and I had to retie our shoes

The sun started to shine shortly into the run, yay! Just in time to hit the worst part of this run, the flat Quarry trail!

This is a great shot (again thanks Kamran). I think it's Nancy but not sure. I didn't see much of him or Nancy. They did the 12 miler, while we continued on to do 23 miles.

Mary Hays ran with Diane Forrest - they started out alittle earlier so never got to see them, but I love this pic of Mary that Diane took so I stoled it :) This is just below Barbara's memorial bench

Annette, cutie patutie in pink that she is, was out there too. She is such a sweetheart! I wish I could've kept up with her!

This run follows the new WTC course that has you climbing Deadtruck Trail. I actually loved this climb; so much more enjoyable than Ball Bearing. Here is the actual 'Dead truck'

It took about 6 1/4 hours to finish this run. I knew I was going to take it easy cuz I had not done a very long run in over a month. I was pleasantly suprised at how great I felt most of the day. We got back to the parking lot and of course everyone was gone. That's the bummer about being the slowest; you miss the bonding at the end of these epic runs :( Dave was there waiting with a warm car and we headed off to the South Pine Cafe for food.  I am happy to report that I feel great today except for being tired. Tomorrow I start my new job at Mercy and I'm very excited about it.  And I think I'm ready to pace Kym the last half of AR 50!


  1. Great post Pam. I'm glad you posted about your run. So sad I couldn't be there. I miss the dirt!
    This week is my official start to train for my marathon. Hopefully I can do it.
    Keep posting girl! I love it.

  2. Great post! It HAS been a long time since I've seen you post! :-)

    Isn't Dr.Lau absolutely the BEST miracle worker ever. Next time you see him, please tell him I said "hi" . . . I can't get in to see him until the end of February he's so darn busy. That is what I get for telling everyone how awesome he is! HAHAHAHA