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November 13, 2010

Quilt Camp 2010. Shannon

So since I'm a month behind on my updates, except for Thursday's post about my foot issues - which by the way is feeling better after a reflexology session yesterday - HHMMMM - I might have to keep that up - I will try to catch you up by weeks.  The first week is the week of Oct 18th.

This is what it takes to go to camp - LOL
As I indicated on the 14th, I was heading out for a week of nothing but quilting - heaven.  Normally my quilt retreat consists of 5 nights with 4 full days of  quilting with a group I've been doing this with for 11 years at the Zephyr Point Presbyterian Center in South Lake Tahoe.  However, this year, I had the opportunity to save some money and stay at a timeshare my mom and dad have that is only 3 minutes away from Zephyr Point.  So my friend Mickey and I set up "shop" inside the condo for 6 nights & 5.5 days of quilting for free :).  We took over the condo.  We had fabric everywhere.

Because it was just the 2 of us, my socializing was limited, therefore, I got A LOT accomplished and it felt great.

Country Threads - took 1st place for Viewer's Choice at the Brownsville Quilt Show 2011

Samurai Bushido

Santa Wall Hanging
The scenery outside our room was great.  We didn't have a lake view as we normally would have at Zephyr, but we had woods, which I LOVE.

We did head down to Zephyr to visit with our group of friends on 2 nights.  The first night was just to say hi to our once a year (for the most part) friends and then we came back on Thursday night for a bridal shower for our friend Dawn who was getting married the Saturday we all got back from camp.  A lot of fun.

The twins, Joyce and Janet, love my piggy tails.
My MIL, Joan, and my buddy, Mickey

The bride to be - Dawn

I didn't do any running that week, nor did we get very much exercise.  The only exercising we got was to walk to the store (Safeway) about every other day - round trip - less than a mile.  Oh well, it felt great to relax and the best news, I didn't gain any weight while I was gone - woo hoo.

Since coming back, I've been on a roll with my quilting and am wanting to spend more time in my sewing room, so finding time to run, bike, or golf has been tough.  Now with my foot problem, I may not feel so guilty about my lack of exercise.  Unfortunately, that means I have to be much stricter with myself about my food - YIKES.  I exercise, a lot, so I can EAT - I love food.

Anyways, quilt camp was relaxing and I'm really looking forward to next year's camp where it will just be 4-5 of us up in Downieville in a cabin.  I can't wait.

You can see all my pics on my Facebook Page by clicking HERE

Stayed tuned for week 2.

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