Shannon & Pam, after months of training, officially became ultrarunners with finishing Way Too Cool 2010 (3/13/10). They continue to run the long distances as they continue to challenge themselves physically & mentally. This is where they post those triumphs and also their tribulations.

April 25, 2010

Folsom Point 50k - Shannon

What a gorgeous day we had out in Folsom yesterday.  OMG way too pretty!

Our 50k start time was 7a, which I was very happy about!  The earlier the better, I say.  Mark dropped me off at about 6:20a, so that he could come back using the parking placard.  After getting registered and getting my schwag, I saw Pam and I was able to put my stuff in her car.  As we were getting ready this was our view.

Sunrise at Folsom Point

Here we are just before the start.  Aren't we cute?!

The race was very small.  I think there was a total of 25 of us.  But they haven't posted the results yet, so I can't confirm it.  I like the small races.  No big hoorah.  In fact our start line was a dollie (hand truck) with a pink ribbon on it.  LOVE IT!

The start took us across the levee, which is about a mile long.  I don't care for the levee, but in retrospect, it was nice to have the easy warm up.  After the levee we hit the trails.

Here Pam is cursing her Garmin.  It stopped working for some reason.

Pam and I had company for this run, fellow FTR Lindsay.  She is nursing some knee issues and was running at our pace.  I lead the pack of us until mile 10.  At mile 9, tromping through some mud, I pulled something in my right tush, which, of course, slowed me down. So at mile 10, Turbo Turtle Pammy couldn't take my pace anymore and jumped out in front of me.  At about mile 11 Lindsay asked to pass.  I managed to keep up with them until we got to the New York Creek aid station, manned souly by fellow FTR, Ed Walsh.

Fellow FTR, Ed Walsh

Here we are at the New York Aid Station, Lindsay, Shannon, & Pam

We took off and I was able to keep up with them until we got to the Finch Aid Station.  After the Finch station, I took the lead for a little while, and then both girls passed me up and I no longer could keep up.  But I was ok with it.  I felt very content with being out there by myself.  I was just enjoying the peace and sunshine.

Even though we haven't had too much rain lately, we still had some mud to get through.

2.4 miles to the turn around point - woo hoo

Self portrait (not the most flattering) with backdrop of my view as I was running the trails.

I was such at peace that I couldn't help but stop a lot and take pics of the beauty I was experincing.  I can't explain it, but yesterday was a run of serenity for me.

Black butterflies were out big time yesterday and I found that they were very attracted to my royal blue Trail Turtle shirt.


When I hit the the turn around at Salmon Falls, Pam and Lindsay were there.  We got our hydration paks refilled, fueled up and headed back out.  The girls were talking about jumping in the water where the lake came up close to the trail.  I didn't know where they were talking about.  But when we got there, they took a right turn and headed straight for the water.  I continued on, knowing very well that they would catch up to me.

Pam & Lindsay heading for the lake.

Sure enough, after about 1.5 miles, the time came that I had to pull off the trail for a pit stop.  It was at that time that the girls passed me up.  I was sorry that I couldn't let them know because they were worried about me when they got to Ed at the New York Creek aid station and I hadn't gotten there.  But Pam figured it was because I had to make a pit stop, but she was still concerned (love you too Pam).
After leaving Ed, I felt pretty good.  But then that tush pull started tweaking me in different areas, but I pushed through it and the pain went away.  I was in such a serene state of mind being out there, I was so engulfed with all the flowers, butterflies, trees, etc.  I felt like I was out on a nature walk instead of a race.  I was in awe!

A solo California poppy in all it's glory!

I have a thing for "odd" trees and I just love this tree.  It stands all by itself and it makes a statement.

Wildflowers in full bloom

So being out there by myself for the last half of the race was a blessing for me, I think.  I had time to do a lot of thinking and I had a really good time.  I had some aches, but I was feeling really good.  I had brought my iPod, just in case I got left in Pam's turtle dust, but I didn't need or want it.  However, after I crossed over the marina, I decided I better plug myself in to push me through the last 3.5 miles.  And it worked.

My wonderful hubby and awesome step-daughter came out to cheer us on and they were at the end of the levee, so they got pics of Pam coming across and of me as well.



When I got to the levee, I decided to pick it up.  My goal was to run across it without stopping and do it on average of 11 minute mile.  I managed to do that.  I ranged from 10.5 to 12 minute miles, slowing down a bit toward the end, but seeing my family there really helped me push it through to the end.  It was funny as I passed Mark and Stephanie and got off the levee, I stopped and walked to adjust something and Mark yells, hey no breaks, and Stephanie said, leave her alone she just ran all the way across the levee, dang!

They're awesome.

I finished in 8 hrs 1 minute.  WOW.  I will say though that it wasn't a complete 50k.  It measured out to be 29.5 miles.  I can't really compare this race to Way Too Cool because of the different terrain.  It would me like comparing an orange to a carrot.  Sure they're the same color, but they're completely different shapes and species.  What I can compare is my average mile.  At WTC (which was 30.5 miles, 1 mile longer) I averaged 17:13 minute mile.  Yesterday I averaged 16:18 minute mile.  Which is pretty good, considering that average includes 3 pit stops, and a lot of butterfly watching.  If I had behaved myself and took it more seriously and hadn't needed to pull off the trail 3 times, my time would have been better.  But I don't care.  I don't trail run to be fast or to beat anybody.  I think I try to improve on my times, but I don't really think I care.  I trail run because it's so beautiful to be out there.  And if it takes me longer than everybody else to finish, then so be it.  I'm ok with that.  I did finish last :)

Pam & Shannon, finishers of their 2nd 50k

Today I feel good.  My hip flexors are a little sore, but nothing too bad.  It probably helped that I came home, took a shower to wash off all the mud, then took my epsom salt/bubble bath to soak the tired muscles.  Then I rolled my feet on a golf ball, then rolled my tush on a tennis ball.  That was painful, but needed and it paid off.  Only the hip flexors hurt today.  WOO HOO!

Stay dirty!

To see all the pics click HERE


  1. Yeah Pam and Shannon!!! I was thinking about you girls this weekend. While I was out running on Saturday I mentioned to Pigeon that you both were running today.

    What a beautiful day Shannon! The pictures are awesome and I love that tree too. Wow. Congrats on your second 50K!!!!! That is so awesome!

  2. Beautiful course, even the mud. Thanks for the pics.

  3. Way to go! What a beautiful day!!! Wow to 50Ks amazing! I'm just starting to train for my first half!

  4. great post, Shannon! I love the slide show on the side, so cool!